wren (jane_deux) wrote,

today i
-got my new car! 1995 VW Passat (it even has reverse!)
-went to FAHC for a LNA Extern fair (i'm hoping i get hired!)
-got an email from DHMC saying they want to interview me for a summer Externship
-got my clinical assignment for tomorrow; my prof is bumping me up to 2 patients!
-did NOT go to the gym; i'll start tomorrow (i still worked out in my room with 5lb weights)

i'm happy and doing well.

30 mins cardio? no
abs? no
arms? YES
butt? no
legs? no
riding? no

60 oz. water? no
multivitamin? YES
# fruit servings: 0!
# vegetable servings: 3
# whole grain servings: 0!
# junk-food servings: 4!

2 hours on school work? no
money-making work? no
shower/skin care? no

yeah... not so hot with my goals, which is why i pulled out the dumbells in my dorm room tonight. but tomorrow is a clinical day; i'm always good on those days!
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