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nothing puts me in a bad mood like campus snow removal. it is a complete shit show. they post what time they are plowing each lot, and your car can't be in the lot while they are plowing or they tow it. but they always get way behind schedule. and cars are parked everywhere blocking roads, so when you do try to move your car there is nowhere to go. and they always schedule snow removal for the days after clinical, when i am already tired and have homework due at 8am the next morning. so there's my rant.

clinical was good today though. and i lifted weights at the gym, in the guy's section. i got weird looks, but i ignored them, it really wasnt that bad. and i hope that eventually they just get used to me being over there. honestly; i cannot be the only girl that lifts weights in my gym!

30 mins cardio? no
abs? YES
arms? YES
butt? no
legs? no
riding? no

60 oz. water? YES
multivitamin? no
# fruit servings: 0
# vegetable servings: 1
# whole grain servings: 2
# junk-food servings: 2

2 hours on school work? YES
money-making work? YES
shower/skin care? YES

now that i think about it, i really didnt eat much at all today.

oatmeal, some cheez-its, a (small) piece of cake, peanut butter crackers, triscuits with cheese, baked ziti, broccoli and potatoes.

well, i think i'll start posting what i eat in here too; i never commit to actually writing it down in a notebook.

tomorrow is friday! i might get drunk; it will be the first time in like 3+ weeks. but before i drink i am going to the gym to lift again!
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