wren (jane_deux) wrote,

wow. i can really hold my alcohol these days. on saturday rach, katie and i polished off a handle of malibu. last night rach and i had a bottle of wine, a fifth of malibu AND 1/2 a fifth of vodka. needless to say, we were SO drunk. but it was a really fun night. we hung out with some new people, and laughed so much my abs hurt today. i've put a lot of thought into it; but i DO NOT think that i have a drinking problem. i never feel like i need to drink; i'll say 'i need a drink' but i dont honestly NEED it. i dont drink alone. i dont drink any more than the people i'm hanging out with. i know my limit. i dont drink myself sick. i can control myself when i'm drunk.

i am being careful and keeping tabs on myself, because of my family history and my past. but at this point, i truly believe that i do not have a problem. i'm in college and i just like to have fun.
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