wren (jane_deux) wrote,

i'm doing ok
working too much
but i need the money
and i love my residents
there is no doubt in my mind that nursing is what i want to do
so at least i have that

havent talked to phil
because he has asked me to leave him alone for now
i miss him
but this is what i need right now
i just wish i had done it without hurting him and treating him the way i did

every time i hear that song 'over you' by daughtry i cry
i hear the words and all i can think of is phil saying them to me
what if he moves on and finds someone new before i am ready to be with him?
i still cant see myself in a future without him
but i also couldnt see myself ever being without him, and here i am

i'm out of shape
i'm not riding or even visiting tipsy enough

i have absolutely nobody to hang out with in vermont
so i go to NH a lot
and when i'm home i read harry potter and tan

but life is ok
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